Communication basics for men

Things not to say on a first date could include all of the following:

Yo, Baby! Hey, Baby! etc. are not appropriate ice breakers………

I HATE that dress!   -or- that dress makes you look fat  -or- do you dress from K-mart????

I have a history of ____________ (insert your worst flaw).

Are you grumpy all the time or is it just me??

Tell me again about your ex!

Did you bring your wallet?

You’ll have to drive. My drinking problem caused me to lose my license (if this is true, you already know the pain of it).

Ok….so a little humor this week. share your thoughts (funny or serious) Check out the upcoming events including the Tennessee, Deltona and WALT DISNEY WORLD Singles events and expect alot of e-mails about the same. God bless you all! Jim


One response to “Communication basics for men

  1. Well going back to my high school days, There was the real cute girl that was visiting our church and I asked her to go to the football game with me and as we were entering the stadium I ran into one of my favorite teachers. I turned to introduce him to my date and I said Mr Hughes this is________??? I couldn’t remember her name for the world. So one thing always remember her name!

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