New poll!!! Building a better team!

According to Asch and Milgram, the best combination of persons to build into a strong, supportive team would be:

A) persons of similar age and interest

B) same sex

C) groups that have worked together previously

D) combination of various ages and backgrounds

E) groups with a similar core belief

What do you think? If you were to build a ministry, where would you start?


2 responses to “New poll!!! Building a better team!

  1. I would start with groups with a similar core belief and with various age ranges. That you get a plethora of ideas flowing from everyone in the group. And because their core belief are the same we would all commit the endeavor to prayer and ask God to lead us. That way its sure to represent God in manner pleasing to Him.

  2. I think it depends on the mission- but reguardless of the mission I would want my group to have the same core beliefs. If you are like minded that goals can be set and achieved. I would welcome various ages and experiences as they bring different ideas to the table. But no matter what the mission is, I hope we all can do it with God in our hearts and minds leading us in a direction that is pleasing to him.

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