I am an American. I go to the store when I want to, buy what I can, drive my car, have a job I chose and worship GOD in a manner I choose!!! And, I take it for granted. I shouldn’t. My freedom was paid for with blood over the last 234 years. Sacrifice was made for me by people who didn’t know me so I could walk free. And I say THANK YOU! To each soldier, sailor, marine, airman and coastie who served. To each veteran who might be homeless or working in the next cubicle. To Washington, Adams, Jefferson…but also alias Smith and Jones who liberated this country! God bless America and Praise GOD!

I am also thankful for the sacrifice on the cross by Jesus who KNOWS my sorry little devious heart and chose to go through it anyway! My GOD, how I long to worship you appropriately!


3 responses to “GOD bless AMERICA!

  1. My Dad, Norman Miller, served in the armed forces from 1941 to 1965. he fought in WW2 and Korea and served in Japan, Germany and France after the war. If you ask him about it, he would tell you he was “doing my job”.

    My brother, George, has served in Kuwait, Iran and Afghanistan.

    I want to thank both

  2. Thanks for the post! I take the freedom in the US totally for granted — forgive me, Lord! However, I believe our religious freedoms are not going to be as great as they used to be, so I have to remind myself that my real freedom is in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, U.S. military men, for your service! For help in giving me the freedom to worship the only One True God!


  3. What a country! What a savior! What a blessing to have both. Folks, it only takes one short trip out of this country to realize what we have. Nothing can compare to it’s beauty and freedom. Where can you find the things we have? There is always so much negative press, but for those who love America, we know what a “dream come true” we have. God bless all the past and present military heros who made all this possible.

    Jesus Christ gave the ultimate price so that we could live eternally with him. One can only imagine what heaven will be like. Have a great 4th everyone!

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