Dealing with Loss and Change!

Well, the news this week is the death of Michael Jackson (and to a lesser amount, Farrah, Ed and bombings in the Middle East). So, let’s talk about it? Who do you miss! Who affects you the most? How do you cope with loss and change?

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Great things are happening in the Kingdom!!! GOD is great!


9 responses to “Dealing with Loss and Change!

  1. May I please get a 5 wishes living will. Thank you!

    My grandfather died April 19, 2009. 9 months prior to my grandpa’s death, He and I talked about baptism on a trip to Nashville, where I was going to be with a friend whose father had just passed away. A month later, after extensive conversations with family and friends, my grandpa was baptized. Everyday until April 19, 2009, my grandpa was faithful to the Lord! I do miss him a lot! I am comforted in knowing that my grandpa will be in heaven!! Initially the week after his death was the most intense because my grandpa was not going to be laid to rest until that following Saturday after his death due to the military honors cermony that needed to be performed in his honor. I can remember the taps being played and the 12 gun salute. It still brings tears of honor and pride to my eyes!! Now, towards the end of June, I still miss him but all the emotional feelings from disbelief, to grief, to sadness, and to joy have all subsided except joy! I am absolutely proud of my grandpa! I look forward to seeing him and many others in heaven!!!!

  2. Our Mom died January 29, 2003. I was there that early morning when she breathed her last and went home to her King. I kissed her forehead for the last time. Her funeral was so well attended people were standing outside the church just to get in to say there last goodbyes. They miss what all her kids miss: our Mom’s ability to make you feel like your were the most important and only person in the world when you were in her company. That is the way she spoiled us, with love. I still sometimes forget she’s gone. Something great will happen at church or I have got some news so awesome I want to share it with her first. I pick up the phone and then I remember, I don’t have that long distance rate that covers heaven! Mom was my best friend. She made it so easy to feel loved. I miss that most. Our Dad died only a year ago this past March. I did not have the same kind of relationship with Dad, but I do miss that smile, his sense of humor, his generous spirit and the way he could weave a story out then air was so cool when we were growing up. We never got tired of his war stories and how he nearly got caught by the Germans behind enemy lines Europe during WW2. I miss Dad wanting to help me be better. My parents are why I try so hard. They lived through a time when getting an education like mine would be unheard of. When I go home, I know I’ll see my Dad fishing or telling one of his great stories and Mom will be making Sweet Potato pie and Collard Greens for everyone. I so look forward to going home and seeing them both again.

    Dee Dee
    Hebrews 11:1

  3. When the loss of a life is the news, it is a good time to reflect on the really important people in our lives. After all, before Michael and Farrah, Elvis and Ed, and all the others…our loved ones sang to and fed us. My Dad became a Christian in his seventies and I was so proud of him. I’ve had awesome people who came into my life at the right time also. I look forward to seeing the saints also.

  4. They say death comes in threes- and the summer of 2001, after a long sickness, my grandmother passed, a day earlier a good friend of mine from college committed suicide, and then the most tragic was my brother’s suicide. This was the hardest time in my life and I than God that I had good friends supported through this time. Prayers, time, friends, and prayers got me through. I’m at peace with these deaths, and I don’t talk much about my friend- but my grandmother and my brother live on through stories, and pictures, and memories. I just hope and pray that my children will one day know their great-gma and uncle and realize what great roles they played in my life.

  5. My husband died in Nov, 2001. He had suffered with cancer for only seven and a half months. We had been High School sweet hearts and married for 37 years. He was my best friend and a wonderful Christian husband and father to our children. My family and I are very strong Christians and had lots of faith for his healing. When he died it was very hard to understand for us, especially my son, who was a Bible School graduate and a youth pastor of a local church. Our strong faith, our church and Christian friends helped us get through the grief process. It has been seven years now and time , prayer and friends have helped me make it. I still miss him but I know that he is not suffering any longer and he is in heaven with Jesus. I will see him again there someday with the “great cloud of witnesses.” He is also there with my Dad and my sister. She died two years after my husband died at the age of 57 with cancer. They shared the same birthday. It was hard to loose my only sister also. I know that she is out of her pain and with our Lord Jesus. He is faithful to comfort us and send others to comfort us.

  6. I f we didn’t have faith in God and hope of seeing loved ones again, life might truly be unbearable. Jesus conquered death for us. What a blessing to have believers as a support system until we are home in heaven.

  7. God is good and may all praise and glory be his for ever and ever! Thanks for all your comments and may the peace of our Lord dwell inside your heart and comfort you as you think of your loved ones.

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