Stepping up to the plate as singles in the church

As singles, I know that it is difficult to lead your church family in making good decisions. So, let’s talk about ways to make those around you more aware of the needs of singles. Please share your thoughts!!!

1) let the church family know who you are and what you need. Attend often and get involved in a “share” or “care” small group. Alot of support is available but people have to know you. Involve yourself in a childcare “sharing” group,  make an extra serving and share with an elderly neighbor or another single parent

2) Know your church elders and ministers well and offer to help meet the church needs. Also, let them know your needs before you are overwhelmed.

3) Fellowship!!! Eat, play, share and work with your fellow Christian singles. You need friends! Good ones!!

4) What say you?


2 responses to “Stepping up to the plate as singles in the church

  1. Great topic. A few years ago, I was attending a small congregatioon with about 60 members. We decided to have a VBS. I mentioned to our preacher’s wife that I would teach a class. I didn’t specify any age group. I went out of town and during the organizatinal meeting (I was not able to attend) they selected me to taach the 4 and 5 year old. Wow, considering I don’t have a clue about young children, this was going to be a challenge. However everything turned out well and it made a lasting impression on the married members of the church. You never know what impact a simple act will have. About a year later, I was approached after church by a young mother visiting our worship service. She asked if I was the one who taught her daughter in VBS? This is funny, her daughter came home and told her that she had “a man teacher”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but most children are taught by ladies in the church when they are young. So being involved in our Lord’s body brings glory to him.

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