Here’s YOUR CHANCE: Speak out!

Bobby Ross, Jr., Editor of the Christian Chronicle has asked for imput into how to minister to singles. You know I have alot to say! But, what about you??? Let’s tell him what the Church of Christ singles want, need and feel. And, how we can more effectively reach into the community. Talk to me!


10 responses to “Here’s YOUR CHANCE: Speak out!

  1. We do all we can to provide opportunities for alternate choices to the events to which most singles go. For instance, we alternate Friday nights out between a pot-luck one Friday followed by going to a nice but affordable restaurant for dinner the next Friday night. The pot-luck is usually followed by a movie we broadcast over 2 or 3 big screen TVs. That is followed by a discussion relative to the movie and conclude with a time of worship.

    We do other things that are designed to provide for entertainment but in a Christian manner so as to give our singles an alternative to the worldly things others would go. Last month we brought in a Christian stand-up comic. He did a great job for us. Fortunately, we have some very talented singles who can think of and develop alternative events.

  2. My daughter and I recently celebrated 30 years each as members of the Church of Christ. We understand what it means to be a member of the Lord’s church and are committed, convicted, and converted members. What is sorely lacking in the Church of Christ is the availability of equally yoked males. It seems to me as though the ministry for singles should be directed towards the men of the church evangelizing potential male members. Perhaps, men who are employed may have the opportunity of evangelizing and inviting their male co-workers to church. If a woman invites/evangelizes a male to attend church, it may easily be construed as self serving. In addition, a male who attends at the invitation of a woman may as well have more interest in the inviter, rather than in the Lord. I don’t feel singles need to hear how valuable and important they are. They already know that. The New Testament speaks to the necessity of at least having a friend. I strongly feel it is incumbent upon the male leadership to evangelize to males across all ethnic lines as part of the ministry to singles. And while you’re at it, since most females have at least one degree, equally yoked males ………… Thank you for allowing me to speak out.

    • Evelyn, I don’t know who you are but you spoke my mind when you wrote the above blurb on this blog. I just turned 50 this past summer and have never been married and have been waiting on “Mr. Right Christian” all of these years. My friends started getting married and having families 30 years ago so this has been a long journey for me. I worship at a congregation that is about 350 members and we do have a decent number of single/divorced/widowed women but not that many single men around my age. I have learned from the honesty of married friends that being married at times is not a sleigh ride but neither is being single in today’s world. A single girlfriend and I are going to start attending more events in the hopes of meeting someone special. If that doesn’t happen, God will provide for me and we’ll have a great time being together having fun.

      • Suzyq, There aren’t alot of great folks out there that are compatible to a good Christian. But the bible shows examples of those who went to the extreme to find them. Think about Rebecca (a foreign land), Abigail (a sudden widow), and Rachel (years of work). A good mate is hard to find but worth it. And never a sleigh ride!

  3. Thanks Greg! A good plan. There is not a perfect way to reach out. Each Christian should use their talents and abilities to minister in a way that glorifies GOD!

    Evelyn, you made some good points. My trivia statement from a last week hasn’t been answered. It said “We have a weak nation because of weak because of weak families because of weak FATHERS!” Men, step up and lead! Lead the singles ministry! Lead the youth by example! Lead the church by action! Unfortunately, we can’t even get most men to commit to an event.

  4. I agree with Eveyln when she says we don’t need people to tell us how important we are- I for one know that I am important and have many talents. I want to be part of a church where there are opportunities for to actually be a part of events- where I can plug in and use my God given talents in the church and in the community. At a chuch that I used to attend I would attend services regularly and be there when the doors opened- but I could never make it into the church clique so I was never asked to be a part of things- even when I asked. Sometimes they would let me if I continually asked or if they were desperate- but I dont’ want my service to be because I begged. My new church has a lot of younger people attending- Very exciting! I already am finding myself getting involved- we recently had a “don’t go to church Sunday” We gathered together for a short while and then went out into the community and did service projects- I went out to the Lions club- we planted trees, washed plastic charis, painted the gym, and trimmed back trees. We helped them get ready for summer campers to come. It was amazing! The theme was don’t go to church… but rather BE THE CHURCH. Okay- I think I got off topic a little. As a single, I want to meet other like minded singles- to fellowship with- and Lord willing, maybe I can find a mate- but more importantly- I want to find other Christian singles to better myself in becoming more Christlike. I need someone to help me pray to be less angry, less anxious, more patient, more loving, to be better with money, and better with service to others- and encourage me to study more, pray more-
    be “Christlike”-

    As far as reaching out into the community- I think it begins by walking across the room and befreinding someone- building up the relationship a little at a time- Just like a proposal- no one just walks up to someone and asks someone to marry them- its a process- dating-serious dating-engagment….making a commitment to LORD is a bigger deal, asking someone to church is a big deal, and possibly scary for the non- church going person- but maybe by showing those around us the personal side of Jesus (through us)it can eventually lead up to that. I currently am talking with my co-teacher about this very thing- just last week. Prayerfully she’ll one day attend.


  5. My church at is a great little church that encourages me to participate in anything that is happening in my church family; whether it is for the kids, the teens, any ministry. They are a very special family. They realize how important it is to wrap their arms around everyone (singles, teens, widow/widowers, married, babies, toddlers, elementary, Jr and High school, anyone and everyone is important). It doesn’t seem to matter what is happening – no matter the event, everyone is invited. It truly is a loving family. If I stayed at my previous church I would die a lonely young widow. I feel needed at my little church family. They love me very much, they show their love by asking me to help in all sorts of ways. James says we need one another. I am also trying to encourage other singles to participate in some “road trips” to meet other singles (ages 18-108!!). I believe that we all need to understand that we are a family and should be helping each other; the older teaching the younger, whether married or not. Singles have a lot to contribute; we want to feel part of the family. Meeting other singles is a lot of fun. In a real family there is a mother and father with children; there are grandparents too, sometimes. Sometimes a spouse may pass away, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the family should shun the other parent because one parent dies. Why do churches do this? We are teaching our children the wrong message when we shun singles from the the family of God. It is not healthy to shun singles from the church and not let them know how important they still are. Blessings!

  6. Great topic and thanks to Bobby Ross for his interest in growing our church family. You know you could ask one hundred singles this question and I guarantee you you would probably get one hundred different answers. So here is my two cents…..

    1. Recognize that we exist. Mention the singles in your public prayer as you pray for families, elders, deacons,etc. A friendly “hello” as we enter the place of worship will do wonders and a nice smile is always welcoming. This also should be a single’s desire to be friendly.

    2. Understand the individual differences of each single. The young professional, never-married, single again, widow/widower, single parent, etc. all have different life experiences. There are some who want and need a singles’ bible class and some who are active without one. It can be challenging but the rewards of a good singles program can lead souls to our Lord.

    3. Once a year how about a Sunday morning sermon that pertains to the singles lifestyle. For example, “Faithful Singles of the Bible”. This would be positive topice which even married members could relate too. We have to have spiritual food for every member. Over the years I have heard numerous “men love your wife” sermons, but only one relating to the “single” needs and wants.
    4. Some of the church budget much be set aside for the singles ministry. Just like youth groups a singles ministry does require some monetary support. The overall best way for a singles ministry to grow is to employ a full time Singles minister.
    5. Like any ministry there will be challenges, don’t “throw in the towel” once something goes wrong. Keep the faith.

  7. Hey, just back from vacation and reading these great responses! Appreciate it. If you’d be willing to be quoted in The Christian Chronicle story, please e-mail me your name, e-mail address and a brief bio of where you attend church and what your story is. Thanks!

    — Bobby Ross

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