Balance work and parenting for the single

I know how hard it is to raise children, to get a babysitter, to leave work to pick up a sick child or to find time for meetings and activities. It’s hard when there are TWO parents! But, it is many times harder for the singles parent. To be mom and dad. To pay all the bills, shoulder all the worries. So, single parents, tell me the details I don’t know or remember


One response to “Balance work and parenting for the single

  1. Single Parenting = Everything is Have to: pay bills, work fulltime outside the home, take the child to doctor when sick, deal with behavior problems all by your lonesome, if your child is has special needs its even harder for you and the child. But What I get to do: attend all of her school activities, watch her smile when she sees me in audience applauding the loudest, never,ever get tired of “I love you, mommy”, I get to thank God every day that He picked me to be her Mommie and marvel at His Wisdom. I still look at a my daughter and say WOW!! Yeah God, Thank you so much!!!!

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