So, how do you get married????

The real question is……if you can’t live alone in a way that pleases GOD, how do you marry in a way that pleases HIM? I Corinthians 7:8,9 says it’s good to not marry but if one burns with desire, they should marry! 7:28 says if you marry, you don’t sin and 7:32 says an unmarried man focuses on the Lord but the next verse says the married man’s focus is divided. In 7:39 it states that the widow can marry but “only in the Lord”. Read the chapter slowly and with prayer. What do you think GOD would want for you???After all, GOD acknowledged that it was not good for Adam to be alone……Tell me something good!!!!!!


4 responses to “So, how do you get married????

  1. I read I Corithians 7:8-9 prayerfully and am at peace with the fact that I should marry. I know in my heart of hearts that I must wait on God’s timing for a mate. Any man in my life has to be on the same page with me and God. Looks are not as important as they use to be. I have dated guys in the past who are considered attractive by worldly standard but had no soul and did not even own a Bible.

    I am learning to be as brother Paul, being content in any circumstance I find myself in. No, I am not a superwoman and never get bummed about still being single. I just remember that God has never withheld any good thing I needed. If I needed a husband, I would have one! :O)

    I trust God, He got it all right so far!!!

  2. I have to say that the best time of my adult life was the five years that I niether dated or was looking for a mate. Less stress! Less pain! Less distraction! I think it was the spiritual peak in my life. I was seeking the kingdom first and then….I met a Christian girl to share my life.

  3. Funny, this topic reminded me of a book I once read and it was entittled, “I’m so tired of dating so I’m dating myself”! Isn’t that a hoot! Wnen you spend years of dating (for those of us who are in the “never married single catagory”) it does get old, starting and ending relationships and the nagging thought , will this lead anywhere? All in all the true happiness comes from the faith that very few married people can undersand.As a single you have faith that is built on a true reliance on God. You can feel his presence and know that he is with you. Married folks pray that their “sponce ” will respond to their needs. As singles we can ask God directly and that makes all the difference.

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