The new list……….

I know we all have seen the “lists”. Hear, believe, confess, repent, be baptized. Or, 3 songs, a prayer, another song , communion, offering, a song, sermon, invitation and a song. Or, we preach, pray, take the Lord’s supper, give and sing.
Why are we not more interested in the list in Matt 25:35 ” Feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, visit the lonely, cloth the naked…..”? Why are we not better at serving the community? What can we do to improve? Tell me your thoughts!


10 responses to “The new list……….

  1. That is a very good thought Jim. Being a list person myself, I really think that instead of just “going” to church- we should BE the church- and by that I mean getting out there and doing service for others just because it will better that person’s life – Just then maybe they will see Christ through us.

    • Funny. When our youth group are asked why they aren’t more on fire for the LORD, they anser that nobody is setting the example for them to serve, sacrifice and step out. Ok, adults, it’s time to lead!

  2. It’s funny you say that Jim- I was at Highlands over the weekend and Randel Myers had a great sermon that talked about setting our priorities- and making sure first things are first. Yes, our kids need braces, sports, and a good education- but if we make the LORD our first priority, then our kids will see that in us and have those same desires. Of course that is quite easy for me to say being childless- but I firmly believe and tell my students’ parents that they are their child’s first and BEST teacher- the things they value, their kids will also value. I can only hope one day I can inspire (and not corrupt say nothing Krissie) my own child.

  3. In today’s world the term “Christian” has been ridiculed, scorned, made fun of and now if you are against gay marriage you are considered “hate filled” and a bigot. The liberal media has turned it’s big guns directly against any who dares to tell or teach the truth according to the gospel. So, how do we influence the world around us? Can we “list” a daily log of things to do? I don’t know but it is something I think about each day when I hear our President has just went against biblical doctrine with another law or decision. How do you tell someone they are in sin and when the world says it’s ok? After all we need change and hope? But didn’t Christ bring that change years ago and died for all our sins which made the hope of heaver forever ours? People who don’t have Jesus have an politcal party or some “cause” that becomes their “god”.

    One thing that I have learned is that my “list” is not that important to other people but what is important to them is when you do something out of the ordianary that brings glory to Christ. You say a kind word, notice the person at work who has no friends, you include others in your circle of friends, and they sense something different about your life. Then we can be that light that shines in a dark world. God bless!

    Please note the name superman refers to my favorite comic book hero, not me! LOL!

    • You can be a superman if you want. Our culture….country….church needs a few good men!!!!! I fight the same battle at work. Even in a great environment like Covenant Hospice, the focus sometimes is on the task, not the individual. so, I try to inject the word integrity into every task. Is my work the best? Do I do what I promised? Do I bite my tongue? Am I patient? Why? Because the integrity of the Christ was unparelled and obvious.

      • ohh sometimes I have a hard time biting my tounge- especially at work. It really gets on my nerves when my fellow co-workers only cherish those children who excel easily and are successful in the acedemic world- and ridicule constantly those different children who don’t respond approriately automatically. And it eats at me when my co-workers don’t do there share of the work. This week we are administoring a reading test to all the students in my school, and when I returned late from lunch b/c I had to screen an incoming kindergarten child (which is what I was supposed to be doing….) I get a “firm” talking to- when others are sitting around doing whatever they feel like, coming and going when they please. I go above and beyond consistantly and I am really getting tired of being expected to do more and more and be perfect at just because I hold myself to a higher standard. (and its not what I hold myself to- but when I say no to new projects or can’t help out at a parent teacher conference b/c I have scheduled a DR appt- keep in mind I didn’t know about the conference until about 3 hours before it was to happen- it seems that I am a huge disappointment – I know I need to be different and live in the light of the Lord- and I try- Where do I draw the line and how do I do it?

        Okay- so I guess that I didn’t realize how fustrated I am- I kinda feel better- thanks for letting me vent! And I appoligize if this didn’t make any sense.

  4. Hang in there! Life is very hard for those with high standards. Miss USA may get fired for her “christian” answer, strong beliefs are scoffed….. Mediocrity is praised and valued.

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