Opportunities for fellowship and service

Jesus said “they will know you are my disciples by the way you love one another”. I have posted opportunities to “get together” and solicit your event info. Also, please let me post your small business ads or services offered. Let’s take care of one another during trying economic times.


4 responses to “Opportunities for fellowship and service

  1. Does anyone besides me have a “to do” list? It is the only way I can stay organized. Somethings on my list I try to procrastinate on and others I look forward to do. Some I have to do no matter what. However when it comes to my spiritual life, my relationship to my heavenly father, and all the church programs I am a part of, it is easy to lose the real focus and make a “list” for my spiritual life. I grew up in a real conservative church. Unfortunately we were taught that not doing certain things would be a pathway to hell. So like most people we ask, What do I have to do to NOT go to hell. Now many years have passed I realize that doing things out of guilt or trying to please someone else will not lead to spiritual maturity. Praying singing, Lord’s supper, giving etc, are all important in our lives as christian, The problem I see is when this becomes a “to do” list. Something to hurry up and get done so we can do something else. So in my on-going inventory of my life, I have learned that there is great joy in visiting the sick, volunteering to rake the yard of a senior member, stepping in for a married member who needs a teacher when they have a family illness,taking a meal to a homeless person.etc. Basically trying to see others as Jesus saw them. I recently added my 3 sponsored child to my “family” and about 6 years ago I visited my first sponsored child in Central America. We are so fortunate to live in a country like American and more blessed that we have a savior that loves us so unconditionally.

    • Excellent points! The goal of any “list” would be to be “like Jesus”. However, we must realize that Jesus had a perfect heart and good works came naturally. So, as we strive to be like Jesus, we will find joy in serving and caring for others. If we see the opportunity to serve and do not, it is sin. I have found that most of my life’s satisfaction comes as a surprise response to trying to help others.

      • Yes, it kinda took me a while to figure that all out…an old retired preacher said to me the same thing you said above; “the goal of any ‘list’ would be to be “like Jesus”…’serving and caring for others’…he said, follow Jesus’ example…I said, well, that’s fine, but how? So, my old preacher (now passed away) used to take me and my kids on Sunday’s after church and we would visit widows and shut-ins. We would bring them food, read, go for walks and visit from morning to evening. It was the biggest lesson for both me and my children. It was so great! I really enjoyed it. Many of those whom I visited (widows and widowers) are now gone but I still have relationships with those who are still living and have made new friends. It was one of the best things I ever did. I now visit orphans, too. And now, I’m finding that almost 40 percent of children do not live with their parents; I also take teens and college students into my home and you are right, it truly is a blessing for both of us.

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