Losing friends after a divorce!

Interesting thing about humans. We like to hang out in couples. From double dating to dessert after Sunday night service, we hang out in couples. But, if our marriage goes bad…..what happens? In most cases, we lose alot of our friends.
Couples don’t hang out much with singles. Many can’t take sides or choose in the relationship, so they actually bail on both. Divorce stresses all involve and we don’t know what to say. So, we don’t say anything. Priorities change. The single custodial parent has more responsibilities and less time. The single may be seen as a threat. So, what to do? As the single, I will remind you to reach out to others. As a married, look for those who need a little “support” and take the opportunity to mentor children from a single family home. Opportunity occurs in the strangest of places. Especially in the church. Acts 2:42f ….when the Christians took care of one another…..


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