Losing your mate through Death or Divorce

Hard topics are always difficult!! The two most stressful events that happen in life are either death of a spouse or divorce. Divorce is sometimes more difficult because the loved one has left of his/her own will and rejected you. Death is final but devastating in other ways. One thing that is consistent is that the one “left behind” (not the movie) is hurting and needs our love and support. But, what can we do?
Be present. Give support by standing by. Listen. Help with the shopping. Drive to the movies. Cook. Whatever it takes to be a friend.
What is the right thing to say? I care. I am sorry for your loss. Don’t worry too much about talking. The right words aren’t adequate. If they exist at all.
How long does it take to stop grieving? Individual in nature and some people never stop grieving. But, good friends are appreciated!


One response to “Losing your mate through Death or Divorce

  1. Thanks for your observations. I sure hope the churches don’t spend LESS with the economy. Most spend very little on singles as it is.

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