Every church STILL needs to minister to singles!!!

I feel like an old fool beating a dead horse. I really do. Believe it or not we have LESS singles ministries in the brotherhood now than ten years ago. But more people are SINGLE!! 51% of the popultion is unmarried. Most of the new mothers I know are unmarried and alot of the dad’s have split. Divorce is higher in churches than among atheists. Social ills have increased and our children are endangered every day. Many do not feel church is a relevent place to be and many churches are proving them right!
If you want your church to grow…reach out to single mothers, couples who are struggling to make a commitment to stay together, the lonely who are recently widowed, divorced or just not able to connect. Be a home for the heart! Jesus didn’t pass by the woman at the well, the lonely,penitent Zaccheas or the grieving….. and we can’t either!!

Tubing: Sat. at Rainbow River
April 18: SALT Singles at the San Jose church in Jax.


2 responses to “Every church STILL needs to minister to singles!!!

  1. Yes I agree it, we should have more single ministers in the church. I have had the opportunity to be a part of single ministery with and with out a full time minister. You have to have a relative large congregation in order to financially support a staff member. I once was a part of a congregation with 1000+ members and we had nearly 100 singles in Sunday morning bible class. And somewhat like youth ministers they eventually leave and get a pulpit preaching job. I also realize that the leadership of the church is led by married elders, married preachers, married deacons and mostly married members so we as singles don’t have a voice many times when those budget decisions are made and the focus of the church is planned. As married individuals they are really unaware of singles needs and many times just don’t realize it. For me I have always had a strong indiviual faith in Christ and that is what keeps me strong. I see to many times singles and married folks have a limited faith in God and a strong resentment toward the church because of certain personal needs not being met. With budget problems most singles ministeries will get cut. This is not meant to negative post I have many great married friends and I am thankful that the church is the only strong fort remaining in our fight to keep God’s plan for marriage and the family. Our nation will not last without the family in tact! There has to be a balance. Strong families in Christ, strong singles in Christ, strong children in Christ,etc. Goc bless all of you!

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