This Saturday morning my brother George will be honored by the Lillian, Alabama, Optimist club as the officer of the month. I sent you the story! He was checking fishing licenses and the “alleged culprits” were so rattled that they accidently drove their car into the bay. The water was very shallow but cold and he had to both rescue them and lend them a blanket to warm up with. Then one fled the scene, leaving his driver’s license with my brother. A funny story in the life of a public servant!
I’m proud of George. He is a good brother. He is a wonderful Christian, husband, father (5 kids) and recently grandfather. An example to the community with a kind heart and wonderful attitude.
SHARE YOUR STORY with us, your Christian family. We want to know about your loved ones! We also need (as family) to be encouraged by hearing what the good brothers and sisters are doing out there. We don’t hear the good stuff enough!


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