I don’t fit in the young professionals/college group!!!!!!!!!!

The 3 following cnversations are paraphrased but legitimate conversations with singles:

I’m not a kid! I’m out of college and have a professional JOB! I am single (by choice but willing to look). I’m almost (30?), not 19. I pay my bills and live alone. I want to fit in but the only calls from church are to ask me to serve in the nursery. I long for the christian family that I read about in Acts 2:42f, the one that takes care of one another. Isn’t this what Christianity is all about.

Hi! I’m a 20 year old female. I don’t fit in the college class because I have no interest in college! Don’t you DARE call me a LOSER! Yes, I dropped out at 16 and got my GED. Yes, I went to Vo-tech. I own my own business, pay my bills and mortgage, am involved at church. I have a boyfriend and will wait til I’m married. So, what have I done wrong to be excluded?


3 responses to “I don’t fit in the young professionals/college group!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hmmm- I have to wonder if one of these is me- If not – I might have a twin out there! I think often times we have groups within the church based on age- and at some point in our lives we realize that age is a number, and sometimes being grouped with “numbers” doesn’t always work. I think that is why I LOVE doing so much with LAUNCH because it is a place where I can go be with people who are walking a similar path as me. Don’t get me wrong- age does have a place- but when we try to cram every member in a group based on age, rather need or a place where they can grow in their Christianity, we might just be missing the point. I don’t want church to be another place where I have to “fit in” but rather a place where I feel loved and accepted for what I am, and for what I lack- and for me love and accept others unconitionaly as well.

  2. agreed! I hate that the college class doesn’t welcome non-college kids, that we lose 90% after divorces, etc. I REALLY hate that our leaders worry more about “what kind of church we visit” than why we are losing members. Let’s be the Lord’s church that takes care of one another.

  3. I feel like I don’t “fit” many places either. I am a 43 year old single never married bill paying ontime, loving the Lord with all my heart woman who feels I am past it for the young professional. I too look forward to the LAUNCH singles events. With just us age is really a number and our focus can remain on why get together in the first place, Christ.

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