What if….personal ad????

we have been talking about Christian dating. What if this “ad” crossed your path?

SWM, 30 something, nice looking, professional, quiet, sensitive, strongly devoted Christian man looking for Christian lady to share faith, friends and fun. I have been waiting for you my whole life!!!

now, this isn’t a specific person but if it were, ladies, would you be interested?

PS: not Brad Pitt


6 responses to “What if….personal ad????

  1. To say the least, I might be interested, but a little skeptical. I just read a profile that said 3 Things I can not live without- (most people put things like family friends, cell phone, God, TV…. etc) this guy put- ” A loving wife, a caring wife, a good wife…” I got to thinking how desperate he sounds and he’s living (or supposedly) without a wife now- and throughout his profile there is more in it that says I NEED a wife…. And to think this guy wants to communicate with me..YIKES! umm no thanks!

  2. Nicole, You are too skeptical (LOL). He is “fictional” a composite of good traits. Their are many great ladies and gentlemen out there. I’m obviously out of practice creating a dpersonal ad……………………

  3. Haha Jim- I am very cautious…. and I figured that guy was fictional- I mean he sounded too good to be true! haha… I’m sure there are a lot of great women and men out there- but when it comes down to it- the one that I am going to spend the rest of my life with better be a great one and he better love the Lord!

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