My Funniest Date Experience

Hey out there! Tell me about your funniest or most unusual dating experience (not the worst tragedy!). I know I went out with a few folks who were “a little more special” than others. The state trooper’s daughter who wanted me to “go real fast” in the car (she never had) and wet the car seat out of fear when I did. Or the person who wore jeans to a wedding. What about the person who never came out of the bathroom???? Tell me yours! My funny story is posted!!! to register for singles conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One response to “My Funniest Date Experience

  1. Met a very pretty lady who was wearing a dress while working in the Bruno’s supermarket fish dept. Long hair, no makeup, sensible shoes. Tried to impress her with my suave style and asked her out. She said ” I won’t go out with you but I will invite you to church”. I figured, this is easy! So I met her at a little wooden church building down a gravel road. As was tolerable (hot! pentacostal, noisy, no windows) until the preacher pulled a rattlesnake out of a box and started passing it around. I didn’t pass the faith test as I exited the building faster than Elvis!!!!!

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