What about e-harmony, CofC singles, etc????

What do you think of internet dating services? e-harmony promises a good emotional match based on personality. CofC singles helps you find someone of like belief. It seems each denomination has their own version.
I welcome your imput from experience or opinion.

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6 responses to “What about e-harmony, CofC singles, etc????

  1. Online dating is very popular these days. Even heard of a couple in their sixties who met this way and are happily married and sharing a ministry together.

    Nice look on the blog!

  2. Just stopped in to share about my online dating experience. First, God was in control, and I trusted Him to find Mr. Right for me. I believe with all my heart, internet or not, God would have made our paths cross eventually. I am very old fashioned when it comes to marriage. Just not how you find the one you marry. I think that dating services can be a very useful tool in the quest to find a life partner. My husband and I met online through bigchurch.com. It was the only free (at that time) service around. I choose an online service for several different reasons. I didn’t know anyone I wanted to dedicate my life to and was tired of the traditional dating scheme. I knew (I still have the written list) the characteristics I was looking for in a spouse. I had been praying about Mr. Right for years. Those websites have great filtering systems. I was able to filter out thousands of single men at the click of a button. For example, I wanted a spouse with the same beliefs. I didn’t want that to ever be an issue between me and my future spouse. So it was simple, check a box they were gone. I spent several nights (during my free time as a full-time college student) filtering out guys. I sent out ten emails and I prayed that only one would come back. Two days later I got an email, from the man who is my soulmate beyind the shadow of a doubt. He didn’t remember having a profile posted on the site until he got the email from bigchurch. He hadn’t checked it in over a year. Just for kicks, he met all the qualites on my list and even had some extra good qualities. Just to clear up a few possible misconceptions, neither of us posted a profile picture on the website. Neither did we exchange pics until after a couple weeks of talking to each other on the phone and IMing each other. This was in no way a superficial attempt to find some tall, dark and handsome guy. It was all about getting to know the heart first and then we exchanged pictures. I was just very blessed that he turned out to be a very handsome man. All that said, dating services are not for everyone. You do have to exercise caution, and use common sense, as with everything in life. My campus minister always reminded us, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” as read in Matt 6:33. May Godspeed be with each of you in your search to find your life partner.

  3. Hey all-
    Internet dating has proven to be an interesting experience for me. I have met several guys who claim to be Christian- I haven’t had much success finding anyone I could date for any extended amount of time, but then again, I’m not wasting my time or his if I know that he isn’t the one. Maybe we’ll find each other, maybe God has it planned for me to be single. Either way, I’m happy in my situation!

  4. I met a nice man on a Christian dating website. We corresponded and talked on the phone for nearly a year. All that time I assumed he was a Christian man actively attending a church. When we met I found out that he did not have a church-home (in fact had not attended church for years). Fortunately, I had asked a very great friend at church to be my accountablity partner, someone I would discuss everything with abut this relationship and keep everything on the up and up. Alot of things about this man I simply overlooked and didn’t even ask about because I made the blanket assumption he must be christian if he advertised on a christian website. Now that I know better, I consult the scriptures and God in prayer for what I should do.
    I am old-fashioned. I like the man to be the man (meaning if he is to the head of the household he needs to be lead by the Holy Spirit). If he is lead by God, this loving person will do his best to never intentionly break your heart.
    There is an excellent reason to be equally yoked, God knew what He was doing when He said it. If your both on the same page, your likely getting the same instruction and you are going and growing in the same direction. To settle for anything less is sloppy seconds and I know that was never God’s intention.
    Plug into God first, and keep Him first. Then you will find out what real love is and being willing to wait for the best that your Heavenly Father, who knows us all, will freely present to you. And even if God chooses not to present me to a Godly man, I am still as close to heaven as one could get in a fallen world.

  5. excellent observations and approach. God has expectations of us. It’s not enough to attend (the right) church! Better to love the LORD in the wrong one, I think. That person is teachable and seeking GOD.

  6. I tried it to find local events in my area then made friends nation-wide. One of my friends and I attended a singles retreat with the Greenville Ave CoC and it was the best weekend ever! The people were friendly but not out to get your phone number if you know what I mean. It turned out my parents played matchmaker and the first guy I met was the man my parents and God had intended for me. My husband and I are happily married and going on 10 years. We are hoping to do the same for the singles here where my husband preaches 🙂 If you attend in groups, ask the right questions and look at the person how God would view them then the rest is easy…

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