they shall be comforted!

April 18 at the San Jose C of C singles day, grief will be addressed by a young widowed father, Greg (I will sit in to support!
L.A.U.N.C.H. Singles Conference coming SOON! Feb. 13-15. Register at
Why don’t we comfort better? Alot of our widowed and divorced (not all) state that when adversity struck, the church was absent! Friends fled. Forget couples supporting you. You are not a couple anymore! Church leaders often take a hands off approach. “I can’t be worried with what is happening at other congregations…” Yet we teach one Lord, one church? Doesn’t the Bible teach us to mourn with those who mourn? Danny Dodd’s blog is addressing why the church is shrinking in number. Might it be that we aren’t comforting???


One response to “they shall be comforted!

  1. I like the sound of this discussion already. When I read it, I felt as if my voice was finally heard. I am an active member at my church. And while I believe I have moved fowrard with my life, I can still feel the painful the absence of the Church in terms of dealing with marital life changes by way of death and/or divorce. This sounds like someting I need to hear.

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