the advantage of being single!

Please help me prepare for my class in Tallahassee! Tell me your #1 best “advantage of being single”. Thx.


8 responses to “the advantage of being single!

  1. Time for yourself without a hyper husband and kids wanting you to do something (now)
    Also, peace and quiet (same as above)

  2. Oh the best thing about being single… and I only get to choose one? oh geez, I could go on and on….

    when I want quiet and to be left alone- I can have it.
    I don’t have to pick up after him/I can leave a mess for later
    I don’t have to share my stuff
    I can watch what I want on TV
    I can sleep in the middle of my bed and have the covers all to myself and I don’t have to share my closet.
    I can do what I want with my money and time

    I’m sure the longer I think, the more I’ll come up with.

  3. The best thing about being Single is that I get to experience a more intimate relationship with Father than I would if my attention were divided by a spouse. I relish this time I get to practice His presence in my daily life. Puts a different light on everyone you come in contact with.

  4. I agree with Dee Dee- It does allow me to be closer to my Father and to serve in ministries that I feel God calling me to serve in.

  5. Amazing how many people skip church when they are singles and come back only when they have kids (which takes away alot of service time).

  6. It really is amazing how many people skip out on church period. However, as a single person, I can easily understand how singles don’t go. I feel so invisible and lonely in my congergation- and I’m fighting that feeling.

  7. I too, Nichole, struggle with “feeling invisible” and have to fight the urge not to fellowship. Its so tough for singles in congregations where the activities and the lessons are more couples/family oriented. I can relate also to that lonliness your experiencing. Its a real tough one. For me what works is making a practice of being in God’s presence. When your there, with the Father, you are in the company of the God Head: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Its like having 3 friends visit all time and who understand you better than you understand yourself, and you don’t mind them being around. Already being in His presence, I don’t experience those pangs of lonliness like I use to. The other benefit of practicing God’s presence is that while you are around God so much, you are changed to accept His will for you. Yes you can still “make your request known” but if the blessed answer is no or wait, it won’t seem like a bummer at all.
    Be blessed

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