New Beginnings

I love the story of Paul’s conversion (Acts 22), Cornelius’ converson and reading about the transformation of the Apostles from timid disciples to spirit powered saints! Many of you have incredible stories of conversion! Please share them! And as the new year arrives, let us work to transform our lives and the Lord’s church around us! And let’s commit to praying for one another, study of the word and most importantly, transforming to be like Jesus!


3 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. My conversion to Christianity is not “walk on the water” story but more of a Mother’s true love for her child. At 18yrs old you really think you know it all but hindsite I wonder”What was I thinking?” when I did this or that. My Mom had the kind faith that brings to mind a picture: I see a ship on dark, stormy waters. The ship is sinking and people all around are paniced but not my Mom. She is looking out over the water at Jesus’ outstrecthed hand and she takes a step out on those stormy waves her eyes fixed on Jesus and never wavering walks away from that sinking ship into the arms of her Lord King Jesus. Wow, that image still gives me the chills. My Mom was a soft spoken woman but she always managed to get her message across. She never insisted I go to church or read the Bible, she always presented Christ as a choice you get to make not one you have to make. Oh you can choose not to take what Christ gives freely, but the alternatives are quite frankly not very appealing. For two years my Mother prayed for me and all my siblings daily which did not find out till later. I then studied the scriptures for myself, attended church regularly while living in Orlando and then I was was baptized at age 20years old. Imagine a newborn at that age. The road has been long, rocky and at time lonely. Its not a journey for the faint at heart. I get my strength through prayer, fellowship with wiser Christians and my time when its just me and God. I revel in that quiet time, in the early morning hours when the world is still asleep. When I am reading God’s word in all that quiet I can hear what I am reading and it makes sense to me because I am in no hurry to finish. Its wonderful being a Christ follower and I still love it after all these years. Jesus Rocks people!!

  2. awesome! Mine is “complicated”. Raised Methodist and Baptist, with once a month Episcopal and Presbyterian worship (our little historic town had to rotate churches to maintain the historic buildings). 1st girlfriend Catholic. Christened, confirmed, baptized to join the church….I was amazed when I found a church that followed “only the Bible”. Baptized again to wash away sins. Introduced to “the list”. Failed while in the Army. Disfellowshipped. Alcoholic and depressed. 13 years later, my car accidently took me to the Sunset Church in Miami while I was full of beer. Met JESUS for the first time. Heard about grace. Saw Christians working after Hurricane Andrew left me and a half million others….. Homeless

  3. ….cont’d) Started back to church. Divorced (for being a fanatic) but had a Christian family for support. Life started being very good with HOPE and an occasional touch of PEACE. Yes, Jesus was the right choice….I’m glad he chose us first!

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