And he named him Jesus!

Jesus (he will save his people). Matthew and Luke tell us the story of the virgin birth, humble beginnings and the awe of sheperds and angels. Jesus, the king is born!

Candles are lit…bells are ringing…carols sung…trees decorated…presents wrapped…streets adorned…Why? Because people are remembering Jesus! Let us remember to be like Jesus at this time of the year! Feed the hungry, visit the sick, call the lonely, send an extra card, take a widow (er) to lunch, check on the person who just went through a divorce (or the wife whose husband is away with the military). Remember the families who are touched by illnesses including Alsheimer’s or ALS. Check on one another.


One response to “And he named him Jesus!

  1. This message is so true, it is very lonely for me and for some singles in general even in a room full of people. I know it always cheered me up when I would get a card or a phone call just to say hey and see how your doing.
    It did my heart to get those greetings in the mail and I am certain those same glad wishes cheer others as well. Merry Christmas everyone.

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