The Dating Dilemma: where to look?

Genesis 24:1-29 and 50-67- Issac looks for love-

Has anyone tried to “set you up” on a date? This is the ultimate story  of a blind date working out. You might title it “Father Knows best” or “Mission Impossible”. What we do know is that Abraham was not impressed with the local girls and their behavior! He knew where to find a “good, old fashioned” lady and set the act in motion. His employee (modern speak) found this good, old fashioned lady and brought her to Isaac.

How do you feel when family or friends interfere with your personal life? How do you feel about travel? Do you only accept a “date” from a certain “looking” person. Where does spirituality and church affiliation fit?

I hope all of you who are “looking” for companionship find it. Meanwhile, date Jesus (Matthew 6:33). he understands and is a great date.


4 responses to “The Dating Dilemma: where to look?

  1. I’ve always loved this passage. Its a great reminder that putting our trust in God’s word to guide our decision in everything including choosing a mate is never a mistake.

  2. I tend get irritated when my parents and friends try to set me up. Esecially my mom- sometimes I think she is just hungry to get me. married so I can hurry up and provide her grandbabies. And since I’m her only living child…. and now that I’m 30 (today…happy birthday me) I’m running out of time. No pressure..right? ugh

  3. I never went the “set-up” route- though some tried.

    It is quite a challenge- as a Christian- to find someone who shares your values and interests.

    It can be tough on the dating scene.

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