Busyness vs Loneliness

     Do you ever find yourself so busy that you can’t think? Always something to do? I have to do my job…then I have to do my ministry…then I have to check on_______…….then I have to plant a garden…..then I have to………..But, at least I’m not lonely! But, something is missing. Peace? No time. Quiet? Nope. Meditation? Please, I’m too busy doing what the Lord wants me to do!!!

Read Mark 1:29-39! Jesus was busy doing (he was the Lord so definitely the Lord’s work). But he withdrew to pray and rest. Guess what? The work still found him (later). The point: make time for yourself and GOD. Activity doesn’t heal SPIRITUAL loneliness, it only masks it.


2 responses to “Busyness vs Loneliness

  1. As much as I hate when the alarm goes off in the morning, I have set it for 15 min. earlier. I have started doing mini-devotionals in the morning- and when I do this I find that my day goes much better. I find that when I do this, not only do I get it in- but I include God much more thoughout my day. I don’t know how long I will realisticly keep this up~ I’m super motivated right now.

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