Single and able to Serve

1 Corinthians 7:32-35  Don’t wait until you have your “soulmate to get involved in the LORD’S work. Many are faithful from childhood until  finishing youth group or the college ministry. Then you realize that most of the folks at church are married and not like you. Many “take a break” from church until married or until children come along and then return to be “plugged in” at church. This is not the plan of GOD in scripture. Paul writes that a married person must please both GOD and mate but a SINGLE person has the freedom to serve whenever they want. At my house, I can’t go to the convenience store without letting my wife (and kids) know where I’m going but SINGLES (NO Kids Or Spouse) can come and go as they wish. So, be more involved in church. Serve lunch at the homeless shelter, pass out blankets or coats this winter, send cards to the sick or volunteer at the hospital. USE YOUR SINGLENESS as it is a gift! (This doesn’t take couples off the hook or parent off the hook- you should be serving too!). And don’t forget to let others know how they can serve YOU! This THANKSGIVING let’s truly give thanks for all our blessings and show Jesus to our community.


2 responses to “Single and able to Serve

  1. I love that I get to use my singleness for His Glory. Its a real challenge being single in the church where its all about family. This is not intentional but its hard not to feel alittle slighted as a single in a church full of married. Rather than mope around about it all the focus being on families, speak up about what you as a single need and what you can do best right now to make use of undivided loyalties. Get involved in attending the nursery, teach on class on things relevant to singles and let the class be open to all to educate the real needs of the singles in the congregation.
    I pray about what God needs me for and read my sciptures daily so I am ready to give answer of the Gospel and hands to help someone in need.

  2. The majority of the congregation don’t and can’t truly understand a single life. And, while gracious, don’t realize the work it takes to be “both parents rolled into one”. But, I don’t know all their struggles either.

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