Tommorrow Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

     This was a book in the 70’s. It continued that the day after might have to go to.

     What’s the point? A lack of passion? Resignation to powers in control? Tired of kicking against the pricks? Too much stress? Bills? Lonely? Overwhelmed?

     1 Kings 19 has an interesting story of Elijah. After he had witnessed the power of GOD in the story of the Baal priests vs. GOD relating to sacrifices, he fled in fear from Queen Jezebel. Depressed and hiding in a cave, he wanted to die. GOD came and revealed himself in an interesting way. and, HE reminded Elijah that many others were also faithful.

Psalms 46:10 says “be still and know that I am GOD”

Maybe cancelling today isn’t a good idea after all!


2 responses to “Tommorrow Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

  1. I find this to be (letting God be God) truly tough. I am single mother never married so my mantra use to be “everything is have to”. Have to-pay the bills, cook dinner, do the laundry, go to work. You really would like to cancel tomorrow because your life is so full of stuff to do you have almost no energy to do the things that matter. Though all these needs did get done there were so many others that were never addressed: Godly companionship, friends to laugh and cry with, just to be around another grown up and let me be me.
    Now I understand that sometime”being still” is good for us in that if you stop long enough and are quiet you can hear the Father’s still small voice reaching out to you, soothing your sorrows and lending a hand in every crisis. Trust does not come easy for me but as I mature as a Christian, this get so much easy. I now make time to be still and let God Be God and I am so much the better. I have so much peace (of mind and heart) more so than I have ever had in my whole christian walk. I pray the same for you as well. Reading my Bible daily has been the Balm to all my hurts and challenges.

  2. it’s very difficult to find the time to do everything and find a few minutes of peace each day. Even Jesus had to find this balance (and now I know what the next post will be……)

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