GOD provides a companion!

     Genesis 2:4-25–WOW! This is a paraphrase of what Adam said when he say Eve! WOW! Not, she has a good figure. Not, nice nails. Not, great, she can do the laundry. Or, I hope she doesn’t tell me what to do!

     Adam recognized what GOD had done for him! He saw 1) a great partner, 2) a source of strength and comfort,  3) a good fit,  4) a suitable companion.  Yes, all of this and more! He knew that GOD had given him the best! Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh! Intimacy? you bet! Sizzle? Absolutely! Joy? Undoubtably! Thankful? Beyond belief!

     Are there lessons here for us? Obviously!

The Orange Ave. (Eustis) Singles Weekend is next weekend. See you there!


2 responses to “GOD provides a companion!

  1. A most important part of the search for a “help meet” begins not with singles outings and fellowship but happily in the scriptures. All those qualities that are important to find in a partner for life; devoted follower of Christ, active in ministring to the needs of others, praying daily and reading the Bible daily are a few traits that appeal to me personally. In turn one must also reflect these same qualities. This promotes balance of charecter for your holy union and also both being followers of Christ rest you both on the firmest of foundations.
    We would all benefit from developing in ourselves those same qualities we look for in a suitable mate. I pray for divine gudiance in the scriptures to work on any quality that is weak and lacking.
    Enjoyed the topic choice this week Jim.
    See you all in Eutis, its going to fabulous as always so don’t miss out!

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