I attend church every Sunday. Assist with a service at a senior center. Do ministry with the blog and events. Yet, I don’t always feel “connected”.

     I want what I read about in Acts 2:42-47. I want to break bread with brothers and sisters in our various homes. To share prayer and Bible in fellowship. To share the blessings GOD has given me with others. I want phone calls and e-mails checking on how the family is, where we are going and so forth. Yet, I don’t get alot of accountability out of the church. And I need it.

     Why do you think the Christian community doesn’t have the early churches depth of relationships? Is it too many belongings? Too little time? Too independent? Never hungry or thirsty?

     How can we get our church family to look more like this church in Acts 2?


One response to “I NEED CONNECTION!

  1. One thing that has helped me feel connected is particpation.
    I shy away gatherings of all kinds. To combat this I volunteer to head up an event making me responsible the logisic of the occasion but also making it a “have to” for me to be there. And once I am there it not longer feels like a have to but an I “get to” fellowship with my brothers and sister in Christ. Also if there a singles outing that I know I would benefit immensely from the lessons and fellowship, I carpool with another sister who is depending on me to do my part to be there. Again once I get to the gathering I am less nervous.

    All this helps me feel a part of the body of Christ, not just warming a pew every Sunday and Wednesday. There are times though they are few and far between that I feel as if I were not there (at church) it wouldn’t matter. Then I do what my Mom always did, she would pull out her Bible and talk to her best friend for life Jesus. Reading God’s word reminded her and me that even though you may not feel connected all the time with your church family, the scriptures remind us all how it is that we are one. Because we are all from the same mighty creator God the Father. This is for me a most treasured means to feel connected or to reconnect with the body of Christ.

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