A loving touch

LUKE 7:36-50- the story of the woman who adored Jesus so much that he washed his feet with tears.

     It is so important to be touched with affection. The hardest part of being single again wasn’t celibacy (though it wasn’t a cakewalk). The hardest part was the absence of a loving touch on the shoulder, a peck on the cheek or cuddling on the couch. The intimacy of touch is so powerful. And yet, in our care to not “cross the line”, we forfeit something that sustains us. Loving touch comforts the sick, lightens depression and gives significance to the lonely. Jesus touched and was touched. He touched lepers, unclean women, and burly sailors. And he touches each of us!

     As you work through loneliness, hug (safely). Be touchy, feely. Be comforting. Jesus was.

     A group in Washington DC goes around with a placard that asks, “do you need a free hug?”. And they hug everyone. Granted, it’s a little “freaky” but the point is well taken.



One response to “A loving touch

  1. You are so right about touch being such a powerful means transmit caring, loving affection. There are bounderies singles need to observe, yet Jesus was touchy, feely. I love that about our Lord. Because loved everyone, He taught to love through His action by touching what the world had deemed untouchable.

    Except for a few family members I never really used to hug anyone or appreciate hugs that were. My Mom, God rest her soul, could hug love right into you. You could “feel” her loving you by her embrace. I miss that. I have since learned that sometimes a hug is really all you need to say when the words escape you, like for a friend who’s Mom died or is facing some hardship in their lives.
    Yes, hug safely singles. But do hug. Not only does the person your hugging benefits but so do you.

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