Love and Loneliness: I don’t fit here

     I Kings 19:1-18, Elijah in the wilderness. Shortly after a marvelous triumph when GOD burned a sacrifice of bulls and Baal worship was discredited, Elijah fled threats from Jezebel. Elijah prayed to die and seemed to blame himself for the failure of others. GOD appeared to Elijah not through powerful wind, an earthquake or fire. HE came to Elijah as a gentle whisper.

     Many of us would LOVE to have an epiphany, a dramatic visit from GOD. But, it seems that GOD works quietly in our lives, though encouragement and support from others. So, as you play solitaire this Saturday night, listen for that gentle whisper. Or provide it for another!

     And remember that all is loss, compare to knowing Christ! Phillipians 3:1-11


6 responses to “Love and Loneliness: I don’t fit here

  1. It’s funny that you talk about this this week; I just got an email late Saturday night from a friend/cousin that has been by my side through everything. She said the kindest words and help me to just trust.

    I am not sure what my problem is, well I do know, but there is nothing I can do about it. It is all in God’s hands, on his time. I want nothing more than a husband that will love my daughter and be a father to her. I just don’t like God’s time. I pray about it a lot and I have come to the understanding that God knows best but it still is hard to deal with.

  2. GOD knows what is best and has equipped you with a good heart and mind. You now are able to discern what is best and do it. And, remember, Abraham sent his servant to the land of his ancestors to find a good mate. You may have to look out of dixie county. Hang in there. We are planning goodm things for Christian singles

  3. I too am challenged (lately) daily by this(feeling I don’t fit anywhere with anyone). I and some trusted friends are praying for me and with me on whether the Father has in mind marriage for me. Through God’s word and prayer I realize that right now marriage is just not right for me, the timing is not right. There is so much of me that is fractured and needs God’s mighty Balm of Galead to heal me first. God has made it clear to me that he would keep no good thing from me.
    Though I would love to be married, I would love that desire more to be built on a firmer foundation that God is revealing to me in His word. I have lots to do. In the meantime, I am wildly contented with the love God has placed in my life. I get to help a single Mom who has 2 young boys and little or no family help and not help at all from her ex-husband. Those boys are such a blessing for me. I feel like they do more for me than I do for them. I thank God everyday that I get to be in their new lives and look forward to seeing them all the time. The mom does not believe there is a God so I know the Father’s hand is at work with our knowing this young lady. Pray for her and that my daughter and myself will be fitting witnesses that there is a God and He is much Alive.
    Hang in there singles, no good thing will He keep from His faithful. And like me I am stretching out of my comfort zone and am planning to participate in one or two of the year singles trips or the retreat in February. Be blessed all

    In Christ,

    Dee Dee
    Galatians 3:11

  4. and remember that even when it all seems to be going our way, we are still aliens while on this earth waiting on the grand trip to a home in heaven.

  5. I think that is my problem. I am scared to look out of Dixie County. I have but it is scary. I just joined that website you talked about, I have met a guy in TN but I don’t know.

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