Starting Over

     I remember the anxiety of being a teenager, mortified to ask a girl “out”. And the anticipation of starting a relationship. The fear and hope of changing schools. Graduation…joining the Army…going to college…falling in love…getting married…getting divorced…watching children grow up…one out of the house because of that divorce…new job…new home…new address…

     Do you like change? Somebody said that the only change that is appreciated is changing of a diaper…and the baby doesn’t appreciate the process! But change happens every day. Change happens at home and we have to respond to it. Change happens at work and we have to respond to it. Change happens at church and we have to respond to it. Don’t we hate change.

     And yet our hope in Jesus Christ is dependent on change. Our favorite verse (Acts 2:38) is about change. Repent and be baptized and wash away your sins. A new start! A new birth! A new hope! And after initial change comes a maturing of faith (doesn’t it?). We are children of GOD but children are expected to to grow up.

     Today is a great day to change. Mature your faith. Pray harder. Serve somebody. Give your heart. Accept something different from what you want. Praise GOD for good changes and new starts!


2 responses to “Starting Over

  1. This is a tough one: change. So much has happened since Christ came into my life. Having my daughter in my life is God permenantly kissing my cheek. She has been the biggest change and challenge. She truly has been the toughest job I ever I got to do and I am pleased to have been chosen to be her mother. She is a real blessing.

    All these years God has really worked on me, maturing my faith gradually. I am hopful that all God has purposed for me to do in this life will be done. Its not easy. There are days when I would just as soon throw in the towel and cry out “I give up”. Yet I am still in under His grace and the void that once prevailed, looms no more. Now, I get to ask for help daily, moment by moment if need be.

    I agree Jim we all must pray harder and daily for all the needs of the saints. And do our utmost to be kind-hearted toward each other on every occasion. One never knows the cross someone else is bearing and what tears they have shed because of it.

    Have a Grace-Filled Week

    Dee Dee
    James 1:2-4

  2. Thanks for blessing me with such an eloquent reply. I tell folks at work that I may not be right spiritually but I am always thankful. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters and a wonderful son who remind me of the importance of my example everyday.

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