Life is complicated, isn’t it?

     What a week! A friend lost her mother Thursday. Expected but never ready. A friend talked of how badly he misses her grandchildren and how hard his divorce 25 years ago still is.  A lady is caring for her elderly mom who has Alzheimer’s disease. A single mom (or two) is stretched to the limit raising children and working. A nice college age guy was dumped by his “soulmate”, who found another “soulmate”.

     Every day we deal with adversity. Sickness and stress. Deadlines and deals. Anguish and ambition. Expectations and disappointment.

      But, after Jesus gave the great commission….he reminded us that “I will be there always”


2 responses to “Life is complicated, isn’t it?

  1. I could very well sit here and say the same thing….”What a week”…or should I say… “What a few weeks” As I’m sitting here reflecting back, I’m wondering if this blog is about me- or at least refering back to my last post.

    At any rate, with all the crazyness going on in my life- I’d like to say that I’m continuing to look for God’s blessings, and I’m working hard at not letting life’s difficulties steal the Joy that God has given me.

  2. I find that all my blessings come through service. If my life is hard today, it’s not hard to find someone who has it worse. Jesus set a great example as he demonstrated how to serve one another.

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