Working Together in the Church

     Prayers are certainly appropriate at this time for the people in the Houston/Galveston area.

     I’ve been involved with many hurricane relief efforts. I became a Christian after working with the Sunset Church after Andrew in Miami. We received help with our downed trees and fence after Frances ( thanks again to Tim, Becky, Bill, Judi and Chris!). We went with the group from Melbourne to Louisianna after Katrina as did many LAUNCH contacts from Pa, NJ, TN and others. I noticed that after a disaster we work well together!! We pray harder and more often. We don’t fight over favorite songs. We share bread with brothers and sisters that we don’t socialize with when things are good.

      So, prayer and assistance are needed. But, I thank GOD for the opportunity to have a Christian family to serve.


2 responses to “Working Together in the Church

  1. I’ve been looking at how we “Christians” work in God’s church and I find it interesting. I think we still don’t get it that we CANNOT work our way into God’s Kingdom. There are still those who want “praise from man” when they do something, and yet, I know that God specifically says for us not to “sound our own horn”, but that He will exalt us. I believe this stops the Kingdom from increasing. In Him, J.

  2. It is a shame how poorly we work together when times are good. We shouldn’t need a hurricane or disaster (like 9/11) to compel believers to work and pray together. We should be thankful and supportive everyday.

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