caution: reality is brutal and direct. Paul talked in 1 Corinthians 7 about how a spouse would “complicate” your christian walk. How you have to please your mate and GOD.  So, if ONE meets another ONE and become TWO……….

The last two weeks I have counseled (unofficially) a person who is getting an annulment after a month and a person who took her father on her honeymoon with her because she didn’t trust her husband. Both are nice people who became physically involved with ONE who didn’t respect them, their faith or marriage. Alot of pain out there!!!

ONE may not find another ONE at their home congregation but you can find someone who loves the LORD. Then both of you have to adjust your preferences to each other. And, even if you find someone awesome, marriage is still a lot of work.


2 responses to “TWO CAN BE AS BAD AS ONE!

  1. You are so right Jim!

    Too much time is spent (by some not all) planning the event (wedding) not enough time on getting to know who truly binds two people together in marrigage, God.

    Planning to get married is so okay and fun I am told. Yet it is as important to “plan” to be married too. Everything changes. One must consider the you are giving “I” when you say I do: I do commitment to be there for another person and vica versa. You will be sharing space, time, and Godly talents with another for life. Its so important to get to know whom it is your marrying.

    Yes its an awesome and lovely feeling to be the one another person chooses to spend the rest of their lives with. Its empowering. But feelings can fade and change. Compromising who we are and whom we belong to (God) sets a couple of up for failure. Marriage is hard enough both being Christian, yet one who is willing to just “settle” for whatever and not count the cost will get exactly what you didn’t ask for; lots of broken hearts, mistrust, anger. It doesn’t sound worth it to me.

    Marriage is a really a commitment not to be entered into lightly as the vows say. All this should always, even before that first date, should be commited to the Lord in prayer. And even after the Tux is returned and the wedding dress stored away prayer together should remain a centerpiece of the couples life. Keeping God as the center of everything will give you direction and purpose, even when you don’t agree. You can both go to the Father in prayer and ask for help. Big thing here is to be joined with someone who is on the same page (of the Bible) as you are. For Christian singles we must never just settle and be unequally yoked with another person. It always leads to heartbreak and hard times for both people and their families. Thanks for that topic Jim.

  2. As a guy, i remember feeling “optional” during wedding preparations. The whole cinderella approach to marriage is alarming. Starting with the willingness to start with additional debt from large ceremonies to forgeting WHY we are getting married. Yes, more faith and commitment is needed.
    However, today I have the privilege of attending a wedding where two who did it right the first time have chosen to marry in their twilight years. He was married for 61 years and she for 53 years before their spouses died. They have chosen to marry again and I’ll attend> 114 years experience and great faith should do it!

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