One is the Loneliest Number

Sing it Chuck! Sing it! Yes, One is the loneliest number. GOD recognized that man shouldn’t be alone from the beginning. Jesus, send out disciples to serve in twos. Marriage is to join two who become one in spirit. So the great theologians from California (Three Dog Night) were right. One is the loneliest number.

So, wise theologians, how does One deal with being One and find satisfaction and security. After all, even if the One serves the community, goes on a mission trip, visits the sick and prisoners….even if One is seeking the kingdom of God first….it is LONELY at night when you are home alone.

One can pray when lonely. And, it does help. One knows that they are truly married to Jesus first. That comforts also. One knows that God is in control.

But, One is still lonely. What to do? When Adam was lonely, God created Eve. How about it? Just drop a perfect mate in the living room. The problem is that in our society, if One comes home and finds a naked person on the couch, One will call the cops!!!!! When Issac was lonely, Abraham sent his servant to find him a wife from another land. Yo Pop, do we have a servant that we can send to another land to find me a mate??? Sorry, no servant and limited budget! One is foiled again. One could shop on the internet extensively and fall in love with the UPS delivery person. It’s happened…..Yeah, right.

Ok, your turn! Tell me your strategies (good and bad) to help One become Two.


6 responses to “One is the Loneliest Number

  1. So I don’t no how to make one become two if I did I might not be single. But while I am lonely at times the best thing to do is keep your self busy. Help out at church, which is what I do. Because church only meets 2 times and there are more days in a week than that start a weekly dinner and bible study. My cousin and I have been doing a dinner and bible study for about 4 years now. I love it more than anything. We started it so we would able to see each other more then it turned into this big think. Right now we have about 15 people coming. We take turns cooking and leading the bible study. The sad part is that just about everyone is now married. I didn’t think about that till just now. How depressing! I think that my problem is that I do not have enough if any single friends. In Dixie there are just not to many people my age that I want to hang out with because they are in that party stage which is not were I want to be. But I just try to stay very busy. I start new things at church all the time. When they see me coming I know they have to think what now. But is has help our church grow and me grow.

    • I am at a point where I believe the “church” now days does not know what to do with us. I am now mid 30’s so no longer a ” young Professional”. I am not divorced or widowed either. I have had to find my nook in the congregation where I worship. That is teaching Sunday School. I am having a blast with it and the kids are great. If I have to be single the rest of my life, that is God’s will and I hafta accept it. My struggle right now is that being a single person today is tougher than it was in Paul’s day. The church was your family and support group then. Now I am afraid it is not so true. In Nashville I am away from my Dad and sister, mom died in 2006, and my Aunt and Uncle I see maybe once a year even though they are 20 min away. My friends who were at Hillsboro when I placed membership are no longer there or they are now married and moving on . Thank you for still thinking of me but I’m fine with where I am and who I am. I will always grow spiritually and that in the end will make up for all the lonely feelings along the way I believe.
      In HIm,

      • Thanks for sharing. It is hard for singles in a chuch that is structured and financed for couples. And, until the local church changes, we have alot to do to care for our singles.

  2. Awesome! Don’t be depressed by success. Just keep reminding your now married friends that you are still ONE and they know someone that you need to meet. And, as hard as it is, don’t fall for a partier. Because having the wrong person can be worse than having nobody.

  3. Darbi, The Bible study/dinner idea is awesome. though I agree also that is it most disheartening to have all those same friends now all married and you are still single. You are also so right not to be with anyone that would insight you to be anyone but yourself. Jim is right, it would be worse to be with just anyone instead of the one God made just for you and you for him. I have too often seen that very scenerio play out, desparation on the part of the man or woman just to not be alone any longer, always with broken hearts ensuing. It truly is good, for now, to allow God’s Good Grace to be suffient for the day. God knows who are and how you are better than anyone else. This is true for that someone special He has in mind for us all. His timing is perfect, and when he does present you to that someone special you’ll thank God every minute for not bringing that person sooner. To have done so would make you both ill prepared to care for one another like God wants you both to be enabled. I would continue the Bible studies. You can never go wrong seeking God’s kingdom first allowing God to take the lead in everything in your. you can never get too much of God’s Word; God’s word can be consume at anytime, you never have to count calories with spiritual food like God’s Word. Hope this helps alittle.
    Hope to hear from more singles on how you manage your “Just One for now” time.

  4. Another “solution” is the Issac approach. A good mate wasn’t physically in the promised land so looking else where was necessary. I have friends who relocated to C of C hotbeds and married there. North Atlanta, Nashville, Texas……………Also, you amy have to adjust the “qualifications” of your prospect. Not integrity but looks or job……………

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