Christian Dating #2

 I suggest each of you read 1 Corinthians 7 carefully. It covers many relational situations.

     Ok. So what is different about dating as a Christian? Unfortunately, for many, nothing. But GOD expects morale behavior at all times, in all situations.

      Do’s of a Christian date: dress nice (whatever that means), comb your hair, brush you teeth, matching socks, be modest. Dress for the occasion. For example; a ball game- shorts, T-shirt, sneakers…….a benefit dinner- semi-formal (whatever that means). Be considerate of both your and your date’s money. Go where you both can be happy. Go out where many people are. Progress at a relaxed pace.

     Don’t of a Christian date: no sexual immorality….be careful not to be alone and too lonely at the same time. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t order extravagantly. Don’t talk too much. Don’t refuse to talk. don’t check out other people. Don’t forget who your mama is…your daddy is ….your Jesus is.

     Enjoy group activity. spend time in service. feed the hungry. visit the sick. I have a friend who met his wife while visiting a stranger at a nursing home. He went as a favor to me. A sweet nurses aide saw how thoughtful he was and got to know him.

     Hold hands. I wouldn’t date (much less marry) someone that I don’t enjoy holding hands with.


2 responses to “Christian Dating #2

  1. This is great Jim, stuff that really helps. I have been a Christian for many years. I am a single mom never married and until now never thought about dating much. Now that I and some friends are praying with me for God’s Will I have a lot peace about it. The tips you give are super helpful. I want very much to honor God in all things and dating is no exception. While I am waiting I keep studying my Bible, praying for others and self, volunteer to coordinate a ladies event at church, babysit for another struggleing single mom. I would appreciate any insight on the lonely part of singleness. Its a real toughy at times. Not always but every once in awhile. Really enjoying the series. Thanks.

  2. thanks for the comments. I will talk about loneliness and different strategies to use to lessen this. I struggled with it myself (still do sometimes-even when married with children).

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