It was glimpse of heaven last week in Orlando. We saw church family from all over the country, some that we had not seen in ten years. People from all backgrounds and situations, all coming together to praise, pray and fellowship. It strikes me how often the person who is attracted to the GOSPEL is not just like me! Sometimes the person that you expect to see doesn’t come and the one who attends surprises you. Reminds me of an observation I made as a kid. My grandfather used yellow lights on the front porch. Why? “Doesn’t attract bugs” he said. I asked, “what about a bright, white light”? He replied, “No. You don’t want to use a bright light. You’ll have all kinds of bugs”. What light are we using in our life? Maybe a nice, cautious, yellow light….Or are we more like a light house, guiding the lost to safety?

     Have you completed and signed a living will?

     Tell me your singles BLOG topics. I might do Christian dating for a few weeks unless you give me a better topic.


5 responses to “lights

  1. The Terry Schaivo situation showed me just how important it is to have a living will. I updated my will and did all related paperwork right after she died. I gave copies to my mom and my sister. And I told everyone in my family that if they ever kept me artificially alive like that, when I die and go to heaven, the first thing I will do is request smiting for ALL of them. 🙂

  2. Terry is the most recognized name in Florida. More people know who she is than Al Gore, Bono, Roger Clemens or Govenor Charlie Crist. So, her life and death was not in vain. But, what a tragic way to be famous.

  3. Crazy enough I don’t know who this Terry is. I did update my will. It is sad to think that if something were to happen to me my two-year-old daughter would not have any parents. She does not know her father as “Daddy” and has only seen him like 2 or 3 times. I pray that I find the man God has prepared for me so that she has someone to call Daddy or at least have a father figure she can look up to.

  4. Please do a Blog topic on Christian Dating.!!!! I am ready to make myself more available but have no idea what I am doing!! I really look forward to reading your blog and thoughts from all the singles, men and women.

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