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     We sat through three hours of cultural diversity today. The panel consisted of one African-American female Methodist, one Male Methodist, one Presbyterian (Evangelical), a Mormon Elder, one Catholic priest, one Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim Iman. It discussed various topics related to end of life care. Good knowledge to have as a hospice nurse and educator.

     The sad fact became evident when the Iman stated that for the purpose of modesty, he felt it appropriate that men care for men and women for women. The Rabbi agreed that this would be ideal. After all, both agreed that the only (appropriate) situation for a male and female to interact intimitely is in marriage and outsiders viewing private areas would cause discomfort. None of the (christian) panel agreed. In fact, one expressed that in western culture, intimacy had been “redefined”. I asked “doesn’t Christianity teach the same basic priciples of intimacy and marriage?”.  Well, doesn’t it???? Shouldn’t I, a Christian male, be just as respectful as these other religions??

     I know we don’t live in a perfect world but….we can strive to improve. As a single man, I tried to not look upon a woman in an improper manner. Thoughts……………..



5 responses to “Back to Spiritual Center

  1. I think it’s strange how Christian churches segregate the sexes and don’t allow them to interact with each other. It’s like women are an IMMEDIATE temptation as soon as they appear. It’s usually presented as women being the “tempters” to resist. I’ve heard very little about men “tempting” women.

    I think this contributes to the isolation of singles. We are viewed as “threats” and are isolated even further. It is assumed that when we interact with the opposite sex, we are just looking for “sin” and our motives MUST be impure.

    If that’s true — then how on Earth are we supposed to date and find a spouse????!!!!

  2. I agree to a point. The women’s classes are separate and foreign to what the men study. Also, the ages of the person segregates. The youth don’t hang with the middle age who are away from the elderly. We need more interaction. We need more marriage mentoring for couples to strengthen relationships are lower “temptation”. We also need more faith and prayer and trust in god and less “programed Christianity”

  3. TLC you hit the nail right on the head! I find it strange that classes are becoming more and more segregated: just women, just men or just youth etc. How are we to learn to interact as a family in Christ if we are not interacting with all our family members? I also agree with you TLC when you mentioned in your comment that singles are assumed threats to marrieds. I stop participating in certain activities for that reason. It feels wrong to do that but you can’t change peoples minds or hearts. I fretted over that situation for about a minute then I took out my Bible read Psalm 37 like my Mom always told me to do and I am better. I am also praying over the situation as well.
    I always tell people the greatest thing about Church is also the worst thing about church; the people. Fortunately for us all we are in the right place for God to change all our minds and hearts to match His.

  4. Remember, we change a little at a time> Practice, practice, practice….pray, pray, pray……Also, when you you meet another Christian, remember they can improve a little at a time too.

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