More are single than married!

     Did you know that the majority of Americans are single? That’s right! For the first time in our history, married people are in the minority. Thankfully our businesses and churches have adapted. Right? Doesn’t your church spend as much on it’s singles ministry as it does on the married ministry? Single parents are solicited through advertising and word of mouth. Special effort is made to mentor children from broken homes. The singles conference each year is well attended and well funded. A divorced person is met with open arms. We hate what divorce has done in our society and we realize that it is our responsibility to encourage and support. We have extra service times because alot of single parents have to work shift work. The counseling center provides groups on divorce survival and parenting. The light in the community is your church! Isn’t this how it is for you! If not, let me know. 


3 responses to “More are single than married!

  1. My church spend as much money on the single ministry??? haha.. yah right- but I don’t think that is because they are focusing on only families or youth or any other group specificly- In my church there are a lot of families and older couples as well as widow/er. I have to say that my church doesn’t focus on singles ministry specifically, but my minister and his wife both reach out to me and help make sure my needs are met.

    I too hate what divorce has done to our society (I think that is what makes me so skeptical about dating…) I especially hate what it does to children. As a teacher, I see kids get ripped apart and feel like that have to choose between mom and dad- and then mom and dad try to put me against the other… It’s awful. But it is what it is, I just pray that our Christian marriages endure the toughness and are the example for the world.

  2. Thanks for good comments. A church doesn’t have to have a new program or spend alot of money (look at LAUNCH- no budget) to be effective. After all, a person needs a savior, not another system. Our teachers see the ugliest part of divorce. It shows on the chidren’s faces. But your faith can be an anchor in their storm.

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