Understanding MEN

     Ladies….Here it is! Everything you need to know to understand how to relate to a man. Occasionally, there is an exception and I know many of you are looking for THAT man but they are few and far between and not appreciated by the rest of us.

     Men are SIMPLE! We want an attractive mate. We will love her as she is (but only the parts that were there when we met). We want her to admire us. Tell us how manly we are (handsome, strong, smart). We are looking for someone to help around the house (balance the checkbook, cook a little). We need someone who shares our hobbies (football-our team, not yours….fishing- we can bait your hook but only if you wear makeup…..canoeing (yes, you will get VERY wet). We don’t like your hobbies. Sorry! Don’t understand romance novels (don’t understand romance…..don’t want to read about it). Don’t want to do arts and crafts unless we are painting the house (don’t want to do that either but it’s an investment). And (after marriage-this is a Christian site) we want to have sex.

     There you are! I just saved you hours of seminar time (How to understand men) and dollars on self help books.

     But, what about being a Godly husband and father to family? To your church? To the community? Yes, we can do that. It’s a great investment. But we need you to understand and support us!

****the disclaimer-this is a HUMOROUS look at men. Understanding Women will be next week******


4 responses to “Understanding MEN

  1. Now I know! Whew, what relief! I can save that money was going spend on that “How to get a man” and use it to buy more shoes. Which I don’t need but will buy. Don’t worry, its a girl thing. :O)

  2. I can cook ALOT (was a food editor for 5 years), I love football (GO HUSKERS!), hate fishing (sorry, you’re going alone or with my son). You’d better learn something about romance, but please don’t read any bodice-rippers to find it out. I can help you paint the house and more — I’ve remodeled the entire upper floor of my house, including gutting and replacing the entire kitchen, and replacing 3/4 of the bathroom (the tub/shower is next!)

    You’ll never figure out the shoe thing, so don’t worry.

    So if there are any men reading this blog, maybe one of you can tell me why there aren’t any (or so very few) single men in their 40s in the church. I’ve been looking for them for five years and have seen 3 of them.

  3. Unfortunately, church is done in a “feminine manner” . It’s not very appealing to guys, all this hugging and feelings and stuff. Better turnout for conquering, competeing or building.

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