Priorities (part 2)

Accountability- I could use fellowship but many believe fellowship to be conversation about the weather, football, wraslin’, hunting, fishing, shopping, scrapbooking or TV shows. THIS IS NOT FELLOWSHIP! It is what we do with people that WE DON’T KNOW VERY WELL! Accountability deals with temptations, sins, bad habits and behavior. Accountability fights against infidelity, pornography, violence. Accountability strengthens relationships and helps a person be closer to GOD.

Maturity- Doesn’t mean we’re worried about getting older (we are…..) and have gray hair or less hair or blue hair…..wrinkles….No, Christian maturity shows an ability to be teachable, be empowered, be accountable. It shows that we are learning what is important.

for example:  a baby believer attends every service because he HAS to. A mature Christian worships because he knows what is important and wants to. A new believer worries about old songs and new songs. A mature Christian knows they are all new songs, compared to an eternal GOD. A baby believer worries about fellowship with the wrong person. A mature Christian knows it is our responsibility to lead all to a better relationship with God. A baby believer keeps the list of what is right. A mature Christian wants to be on the list of the saved. It’s time to grow up, don’t you think?


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