The priorities for the Christian Single (pt. 1)

Read the page to the right: Remembering what others do for us. A Memorial day remembrance>>>>

If asked to prioritize the needs of the Christian Single, what would you say? Would the most significant need be….a class to meet a mate? to keep a mate? to be content living alone? to learn how to fit into the local church?

One of the most important things to me would be: Teach to honor and learn the Bible. Study scripture! Read the version of your choice (NKJV, NIV, CEV, NCM…) whether in book form or the net (Biblegateway). Listen to Bible on tape or CD (the new Bible Experience-excellent). Pray! Praise GOD, petition Him for those who are suffering, Thank Him, and meditate (listen). Accountability to others is crucial (true fellowship). Confess your sins one to another. Trust God! He is in control.

Once you learn what the bible says, Take responsibility for your actions. Be EMPOWERED by scripture! The great commission tells YOU to GO…Preach…make disciples…baptize…..Each of us has permission to live and tell the Good News.

Faith is an action verb

Next week: pt. 2 Assess and Mature


2 responses to “The priorities for the Christian Single (pt. 1)

  1. Jim,

    That can’t be said too much. We are Christian, to be in the world but not of it. As Christian we have to be careful not to buy into the line that one must be this or that; create an illusion and that man is yours.

    I am here to tell you as singles our best defense is the are great offensive plays. Basic Instructions Before you Leave Earth (BIBLE); Christ took a the hardest punch for us and fights for us even now.

    Time spent in the study in scripture helps unmuddy life’s murky waters. Trust Christ at His word, He has kept every promise He has every made. That is a comfort and at bedrock to cling to when get lonely.

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