The JOY of kids

     Blessed and busy. We have had the privilege of meeting alot of interesting people through my job at Covenant Hospice. Great job!

     Had our picture taken with Darren Norwood (country) and free tickets to Randy Travis (from a friend). Have Lisa Welchel’s (facts of life)autograph (thanks to a friend). Meet a few CEO’s here and there.

     Let me tell you what’s really important. Family, faith……….Sara (18) made Dean’s list (all A’s including statistics) at Middlesex College in NJ. Jessica (7)all A’s in first grade. Jameson (6) excelling in other areas. What a blessing to have children who love you. And what a responsibility! I saw each come in the world and am still amazed at the speed of growth. Yes, I’m a proud parent. I also recognize how much harder Sara had it because her mom and I divorced. So, if I had 4 words to sum it all up to my kids, what would I say?

* please stay in school  (not bad)

* always do your homework

*do help one another

*because I said so (I have said this……………)


     Yes, I like that. The rest will come as GOD wills.


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