Every Church Should Have A Singles Ministry!

     Have you noticed that most churches cater to the “traditional” family. You know, Mom, Dad and the 2.2 kids. And, these persons should be ministered to! But, what about the 50.5% of the population who is not married? That’s right, over half the population is unmarried. And, most don’t go to church. It would seem that churches that want to succeed in evangelism would seek out the lost…….

     Of course, there are rational reasons to avoid the unmarrieds

  • Many unmarrieds are “needy”. Especially, single mothers and widows. Too much trouble. Funny, the Bible (James 1:27) calls this pure religion.
  • Financial strain. (James, again, 2:1-7) condemns this thought process. And while some unmarried individuals are short of cash…..remember, Bill Gates was a BILLIONAIRE long before he married.
  • Kids of single parents are difficult and undisciplined. Yes, this group needs more mentoring. Couldn’t you be part of the solution? After all, the church is to save the lost.
  • What about “shacking up”. Yes, alot of people are co-habitating without marriage, even raising children. And, yes, it’s not in God’s plan. But, providing support, encouragement and understanding is in HIS will. Only with patience and a good example will Christians make a difference to the unchurched.

14 responses to “Every Church Should Have A Singles Ministry!

  1. This BLOG is for you, The Christian single. So, express yourself. Share. Encourage. Gripe. Explain. How is it to be a single mom? 44 and never married. How does your local church treat you? What about divorce? Or being a youger widow? Or widowed after 50 years. This is YOUR SITE!
    Take ownership of this BLOG and the web calendar at http://www.launchsingles.org . And never forget, though it all, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

  2. Wow! You guys are blogging! I hope I can keep it relative and interesting.
    Hi Nicole. Yes, it is cool! And Gretchen is right. Most singles ministries are either for the college age or soda pop and a band. And Paul makes us all glad to be involved in ministry. So, tell your friends that we are serious and nationwide!!!!!

  3. Well, I’ve never blogged before…but here goes! God is really blessing you, Jim!! Praise the Lord for giving you the time, energy and resources to keep this up!!! I thank the Lord for you and your efforts and I ask that he continues to bless you (and your family) in this effort!! Having a Singles group is really great. I feel as if I was abandoned until I found L.A.U.N.C.H. Singles group. See you all at SGW. And I’ll be bringing lots of other singles with me! Thanks!

  4. Sometimes as a single in chuch, I feel very discouraged. Last weekend for example my congergation had a Spiritual Growth weekend. The topic for Friday Night was “How to help your child grow spiritually” and on Saturday was “how to help your spouse grow spiritually” I wanted to go, but just couldn’t make it for one reason or another… I kinda was afraid to go, because deep down I think I would like to have someone to share my life with or at some point maybe have some children of my own, even though I am happy and content with being single. Sometimes its even at the point where I’m envious of those that are getting married and having children. A good friend of mine Krissie, (yes Jim, Krissie and I do have serious conversations) and I have talked about this a lot, and I pray a lot about this.
    At any rate, when I went to church Sunday morning, there were people asking me why I wasn’t there. And then there was mention of it in the sermon (obviously not me specificly). It hurt me badly and I cried. I caught myself think, yeah, like you’d support a singles weekend~ but of course that is the wrong attitude.
    I’m so thankful that I have been blessed with the singles group. Seriously, ya’ll have helped me grow so much spiritually.

    anyway…enough rambling for now.

  5. Most churches are similar in their efforts. That’s why the “Why Every Church Needs a Singles Ministry” is such a necessary lesson. It’s square one in a building process. Danny Dodd ( dannydodd.wordpress.com ) encouraged me to start this blog after he had a big respnse talking about singles (and more recently) divorced ministers.
    Big plans are in order for the Spiritial Growth Workshop!!!

  6. Yes, every church should have a singles ministry….and yes, they do for teenagers and the college crowd…………..but they forget about the older crowd…..yep, I am a baby boomer and I, too wonder why this group is neglected.
    I love the Lord and long to share and be around people that feel likewise. Every class I attend in church is couple and family oriented. I love families and couples but I am not a couple. People don’t realize in most churches but when you are single or become single, all of a sudden it is like you are in a totally different social class. couples go out to eat and couples get together at each other’s homes……………….yes, I realize we live in a couples society!!! so those of us that are single go home and watch tv or read blogs like this one or whatever floats our boats.
    I am a people person, enjoy being around people. I care about people and although I like myself as well………..there is such a thing as too much alone time………..ok, you can laugh now (yes, I do have a sense of humor)
    I appreciate Jim what you are doing with this ministry. You may not know this but you were instrumental in me finding a wonderful church home when I lived in Atlanta………….through my twin sister in Mobile. God does work in wondrous ways. God bless you in all you do.

  7. I am excited to say that my Church family will be trying to began a singel/singel again ministry. I am curious to know the thoghts of the older, wiser singles on this blog about a single ministry.

    I am 37 never married and no children. As I look around my church I do not see me in too many singles, if they are in my catagory they are college or late twenties. What I am hearing is there is no ministry out there that consider your needs. What are those needs, what can the ministry offer to you that would make you want to be apart of something that may include the twenty somethings. I want to know because I am from a small congregation and it is not that many singles (23-25) and they are never married, single moms never married, divorced, divorced with children, and widowed. The age range from 20 – 78. I know that not many of the singles would be interested looking at the range of ages, but for you who are active and want to see a ministry for you at your church what would be great things to invite you to the ministry.

    Because I know why the Church needs a single ministry, I just want to get other people on board.

    Thanks for your input, With Love,

  8. SRA, I will certainly share everything I’ve learned about singles ministries. I think the two most important things to remember in our churches are that most are relatively small and don’t fellowship with one another. We’ve had our success with AREAWIDE events and with an attititude that even if we don’t agree in all situations, that Jesus said we should forgive 70×7. So, I never give up on anyone. Even if you only have 3 or 4 singles who are active in your congregation, you can effectively welcome visitors. Don’t forget that over 50% of the population is single.

  9. Jim, you have a great ministry going. I have the 50+ Singles at Port City Church of Christ in Mobile, and the senior singles can really be encouraged to be involved in get-to-gethers. They, alot of times, are left, feeling lonely, or feel they don’t fit in, and really enjoy the company of others that have the same or simuliar circumstances.
    Just being envolved in a special fellowship, is great encouragement to them. You also, have to be aware that alot of seniors are on limited income, and /or have certain disabilities that may make them slower, but overall, they love the attention and the fellowships. All personalities are different, and you really grow to love each of them in their special way.
    Keep up the good work and please encourage more seniors.

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